Trump Wins the Heart of an NRA Crowd by Removing The United States from The UN Arms Treaty

In Indianapolis, during a speech addressed to the National Rifle Association, Donald Trump revealed that the United States government has decided to withdraw its support for the UN arms regulation treaty. Due to the withdrawal, America will no longer be a signatory of the treaty which regulates the sale of every conventional weapon. Addressing the crowd he said: “My administration is never going to ratify the United Nations arms trade. We have revoked our status. Soon, the United Nations will get a final notice that we have rejected this treaty. My administration will never surrender the sovereignty of America to anyone. Never would we allow foreign bureaucrats to trample on our second amendment rights. Today, I am officially announcing that the United States has revoked the effect of our signature from this misguided treaty.”

After Trump’s speech, the NRA crowd gave him a standing ovation as they kept chanting “USA! USA!”. In front of everyone, Trump signed the document and threw the pen to the crowd. He subsequently raised it up so everyone would see.

The executive director of the Institute of Legislative Action at NRA Chris Cox was pleased with the move. He said that the Obama administration tried to force gun control on them. In his words: “John Kerry and Barack Obama wanted to force the United States to accept international gun control using the power of the United Nations but Donald Trump has said no; not on my watch.”

As excepted, not everyone was happy with the move. One of the top Democrats Bob Menendez said that Trump’s decision was myopic. In his words: “This is another myopic move that is going to jeopardize the security in the United States. It is based on fear-mongering and false premises. While the American people painfully understand the threats surrounding the increased availability of weapons, it’s disturbing to find out that the current administration has reversed the little progress that was made to curb illicit arms transfer.”

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