Trump Attracts Criticism after Changing His Position on Mueller’s Testimony

Ever since Mueller’s report was released, it’s been part of almost every headline concerning the White House and the American government. Regarding the issue of Robert Mueller’s testimony, Trump initially said that the Attorney General should make the decision. Yesterday, however, the President took to Twitter stating that “Robert Mueller should not testify. No second chance for the Democrats.”

Following his change of stance, the President has attracted a lot of criticism from Democrats who have waited eagerly to question Mueller about the extent of Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections. This tweet has only increased the already existing tension between the Democrats and the White House. After Trump made the comment, Chuck Schumer, a Senate Minority Leader, said that the president is trying to silence Mueller through any means possible. Chuck said that Mueller must give public testimony to reveal the truth.

One of the California Democrats, Rep. Adam Schiff, said that allowing only Barr to testify isn’t going to be enough and that Trump must allow Mueller and McGahn appear before the American people because they deserve the truth.

While Trump said that Mueller should not testify, he didn’t say anything about blocking the testimony. So, it’s not clear if he would take any action to prevent Mueller’s testimony. Right now, he has only said that Mueller should not testify. Between now and the date for the testimony, we would know if any official actions would be taken to prevent Mueller’s testimony.

While no specific date has been set aside for Mueller’s testimony, it may happen on the 15th of May as suggested by Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler. Mueller did not make any comment regarding Trump’s remarks or the date for the testimony and neither did the justice department. Other Americans weighed in on Trump’s remark yesterday. Some supported the President, others didn’t.

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