Tesla’s Fully Autonomous Cars and Robotaxis Will Hit the Market This Year According to Elon Musk

According to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, self-driving Teslas that are 100% autonomous will be available by the end of the year for end users. Next year, the company will release self-driving taxis called robotaxi which would be used to autonomously transport people from one place to the other.

He said that owners of the fully self-driving cars can use them for personal and commercial activities whenever they want without needing to be physically present. For example, a car owner who has a desk job can be dropped off at work, set the car to carry passengers to their various destination during his or her office hours and get picked up when it’s time to head home. This would fill the service gaps in the current market.

During the first quarter of the year, analysts predicted that the deliveries for the Tesla vehicles were going to be 77, 100. Instead, what came in was 63,000. This shortage seemed troubling for the future of the company. So, having their fully self-driving cars and robotaxi ready might give them the edge they need to bounce back in the market. It would also put a lot of pressure on competitors. The new revenue stream will boost the future of the company.

When car owners decide to use their cars as robotaxi, a percentage of the revenue would go to Tesla. The battery of the car would be set to run for one million miles. In his words;

“I am confident that the robotaxis will be ready to hit the market next year. For now, we are yet to line up the communities where we would test these robotaxis. Our aim is to produce a total of one million vehicles including the ones with that would be with us and the ones that would be sold to our customers.”

One advantage that Tesla has over a company like Google is that it already has the hardware required to create these robotaxis. So, it might achieve its goals at the set timeline.

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