Sony Says The PlayStation 5 Isn’t Going To Be Launched In The Next 12 Months

Every Playstation Fan has been eagerly waiting for the next one in the series, the PlayStation 5. While many anticipated that the PlayStation would be ready for launch this year, Sony announced that it isn’t ready to debut its next-generation PlayStation this year. In a more recent announcement, the company said that the PlayStation 5 will still not be available for another 12 months.

The information was made public by a Wall Street Journal reporter on Twitter. The reporter said that Sony, during a question and answer session, declared that the PlayStation 5 will not be available to the public even in the next 12 months. So, counting from this month, the PlayStation 5 should be ready by next summer or fall.

Typically, Sony reveals information about new consoles at E3 press conferences. This year, the company has decided not to hold an E3 press conference. Notwithstanding, the company announced that the next generation PlayStation will have SSD storage, backward compatibility with PS4, 3D audio and 8K graphics. It is going to have an eight-core CPU and GPU that supports ray-tracing graphics. The new features are going to make the PS5 more powerful and exciting for users and developers.

This morning, Sony announced that it sold 96.8 million PS4s which is close to its 100 million milestones. At this rate, it is going to cross this milestone by the third quarter of the year. The PS4 was a huge success and Sony has 36.4 million subscribers on its PlayStation Plus. However, due to the development cost for PS5, the company is expecting its next quarter profits to be down by 10%. It is going to recover the losses in the last quarter of this year or the first quarter of 2020.

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