Samsung Says It’s Galaxy S10 5G Smartphone Burnt Due to External Impact

Over the years, Samsung has had to battle with reputation damage and loss of profit due to incidences of smartphones burning and in some cases injuring users. A user in South Korea recently said that his Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone was emitting smoke and a burning smell. According to Agence France-Presse, the user dropped the phone on a table and was busy with other activities when he noticed that the phone was emitting smoke and a burning smell.

The user, who was identified as Lee, said that when he picked the phone, it was so hot that he had to drop it on the floor. The user shared pictures of the device and was later contacted for retrieval by Samsung. Following their inspection of the device, Samsung has released a report stating that the device burned due to external impact and not a factory defect. The company stated;

“We retrieved the device and examined it thoroughly. Following our inspection, we discovered that the device was damaged due to external impact.”

If the company discovered that the phone was damaged due to an internal defect rather than an external one, the damage to its reputation would have been devastating. In 2016, after multiple reports of burn hazards related to the Galaxy Note 7, the tech giant had to recall one million pieces of the device. At the time, Samsung cited faulty rechargeable batteries as the reason behind the defect.

Just last week, the tech giant had to cancel some events that were scheduled to hold in China for its foldable phones because users complained that the screens were breaking after folding. If investigations reveal that this is the case, Samsung may have to recall it’s recently launched foldable smartphones and start another major PR campaign.

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