Hillary Clinton Urges Democrats to Proceed with Caution on Trump’s Impeachment

Ever since Mueller’s report was released, there have been several headlines about the issue. In an opinion article on Washington post, the former presidential candidate who contested against Trump in 2016, Hillary Clinton, said that the Democrats should proceed with caution in the case regarding the President’s impeachment. She said that the content in the report is only the beginning and further investigations will reveal full details about how Russia got involved in the presidential race.

She said that the report accused Mr. Trump of an assault on the United States and a crime against the American people. However, Clinton noted that it would be foolish to think that Democrats have no choice but to impeach immediately or forget about the case. In her words;

“This is obviously personal for me. So, it’s easy to ignore my message. However, I am not just giving my opinion as a former presidential candidate who is targeting Russia’s plot involving private emails that were accessed from my account and the accounts of Democrats. Our 2016 election was corrupted, our security and sovereignty violated and our democracy assaulted.”

Clinton also talked about what she experienced when she was the first lady and there were impeachment proceedings targeted at her husband who was the President at the time, Bill Clinton. She also talked about her experience as an attorney for the Judiciary Committee of the House when President Richard Nixon faced the Watergate hearings.

She advised the Democrats to proceed with caution and not to rush into starting impeachment. She urged them to focus more on gathering evidence and holding substantive hearings to build on the result of Mueller’s investigation and fill up all the gaps. In her words;

“We need true patriotism and not reflexive partisanship.” While Mueller’s report revealed some evidence that Russia tried to influence the 2016 election, it found no criminal charge against Donald Trump.

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