Donald Trump Says White House May Use Executive Privileges to Block Congressional Probe

Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, during an interview with Washington Post, said that he doesn’t see the essence of cooperating with oversight investigations by the Congress. He also said that his aides, whether former or current, should not be made to testify in court and the White House was considering using its executive powers to stop these appearances.

According to Trump, these Democrat-led investigations are a waste of time and resources especially because Robert Mueller’s report did not reveal anything incriminating about the president. The Mueller investigation was launched after the Russian government was accused of interfering with the 2016 presidential elections in favor of Trump.

After the report was released, the Democrats latched onto its findings looking for logical excuses to continue investigating Trump and his administration. There has also being a debate among them regarding using the report to start impeachment proceedings.

Ever since the Muller investigation started, Trump has rallied against it. He repeatedly said that the oversight investigations were deeply rooted in partisanship. This time, he said that the White House is currently debating blocking the congressional testimony since it had already given Muller all the information that would ever be required to reach a verdict. The president said that he cooperated during the muller investigations and handed over all the information they requested even if he didn’t like the idea. However, this time, he isn’t going to allow his aides to testify again. In his words;

“I don’t see any reason to continue with the probe especially in Congress that is partisan – very partisan obviously. I do not want my people to testify to any party because this is exactly what they would be doing if this is allowed to happen.”

He continued; “During the muller investigation, I allowed my people to testify – you already know how I feel about those behind the Mueller investigation. I was transparent during the time. My people testified for hours. They have all the information they need.”

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