Donald Trump Compares Border to Disneyland, Calls for Changes to Immigration Laws

Yesterday morning, the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, during an interview with Fox News, spoke against certain immigration laws which he considered to be inappropriate and full of loopholes. According to him, the US-Mexico border is just like Disneyland because an end has been put to the controversial family separation policy which separated children from their parents. He referred to the current situation as a ‘disaster’ stating that at least ten times more families will be immigrating to the United States with the new policy.

During the interview with Maria Bartiromo, a video of an immigrant family that had been detained by border patrol was displayed. Bartiromo suggested that there is a possibility that the people are not real family members. Trump was asked if this administration was working on reform for the immigration laws. In reply, he said that they were working on merit-based immigration but did not give a specific timeline for the reform. In his words;

“We are working on a bigger package and making plans that would affect the immigration laws on a larger scale. The goal is to get more workers and develop a merit-based plan.”

He also talked about the inefficiencies of the immigration court system that still has a lot of backlogs to clear. He pointed out that the country needs new immigration laws and the 900,000 backlog cases need to be cleared so that more hearings can take place. He noted that Congress can fix the situation if they decide to intervene.

While he pointed out some of the drawbacks of the current system, he did not talk about any specific policy that should be put in place to fix the problems. Before the interview, there had been speculations that his administration would enforce stricter policies that would make immigration more difficult than it currently is.

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