Bernie Sanders Encourages Disney to Increase Workers Wages with the Profit from Avengers: End Game

Last weekend, the long-awaited Avengers: End Game was debuted. As expected, it was a record-breaking success. Globally, Disney made $1.2 billion in ticket sales while they made about $350 million in the United States alone. Now, presidential aspirant, Bernie Sanders has suggested that Disney does something heroic with the profits they generated from End Game.

Taking to Twitter, Sanders suggested that Disney uses the profit it generated from End Game to increase the compensation of middle-class workers within the company. Right now, the CEO of the company, Bob Iger, earns about $65.6 million. This amount is about 1,400 times higher than what the average Disney worker earns according to Sanders.

This is the first time Sanders is talking about the compensation plan at Disney. However, it is not the first time he is proving himself a man of the people. Last August, when union workers sealed the $15 minimum wage deal, Sanders took to Twitter to congratulate everybody who pushed for the raise.

Keep in mind that Sanders isn’t the only one who believes that Iger’s compensation is unfairly high. Last month, the granddaughter of Rob Disney, Abigail Disney, complained about the amount. She referred to it as ‘insane’ stating that Disney has no excuse for paying him so much and paying the average workers the federal minimum wage. In her words: “Everyone knows that the federal minimum wage is too poor to survive on. So why should we, a profitable company, be paying our workers anything close to the minimum wage?”

According to her, even if Iger decided to give everyone a 15% raise, he would still walk away with more than $10 million. She said that the system is unfair and only beneficial for people who already have “too much money”.

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