Apple Kicks out Parental Control Apps and Third-party Screen Time Apps Following the Release of its Screen Time Feature

According to a recent report from the New York Times, Apple has asked developers of screen time apps and parental control apps to either change their system or remove it from the app store entirely. This happened right after the tech giant debuted a screen time feature.

On the iOS app store, there are about 17 frequently downloaded apps related to screen time and parental control. So far, the developers of 11 of those apps have been asked to change their product or leave the app store. Many other apps that aren’t in the most downloaded category have also suffered the same fate.

Parents have complained about Apple’s screen time stating that it isn’t as efficient as some other third party apps. Some users pointed out that the Apple screen time doesn’t allow parents to completely shut down specific apps, or create schedules as effectively as they used to. Other parents claimed that their children have been able to access restricted data by manipulating the web-filtering tools installed by Apple. Some other parents have said the Apple screen time app can only be used on iOS devices while third-party apps worked across various devices making it difficult for them to oversee their children who own Android devices.

In the report, the New York Times interviewed some developers who said that their apps were unfairly removed from the app store while others have been asked to make unclear changes. All the developers claimed that Apple’s support team is unresponsive and that having their apps booted from the Apple store would have a devastating effect on their businesses. The CEO of OurPact, Amir Moussa Vian said that his company received more than 80% of its revenue from the Apple app store. Now, the app has been booted from the store.

At the time of writing, Apple insisted that the apps that were booted were violating their policies by gathering too much data. They insist that their recent action has nothing to do with the release of their own screen time app.

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